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Kodiak 450 EPS

The Kodiak 450 EPS offers up Yamaha’s renowned riding
excitement without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Best-in-industry speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering
(EPS). will reduced fatigue, excellent control and improved
trail feel on the Kodiak 450 EPS.

With plenty of ground clearance and adjustable suspension, the Kodiak 450 EPS tackles rough terrain with ease. Wide-arc A-arms and full-body skid plates ensure the Kodiak is able to

Performance shocks with 5-way adjustable preload and an independent double wishbone suspension provide 7.1 inches of front wheel travel and 9.1 inches at the rear, ensuring excellent rider comfort even on the toughest trails.

2 Seat Options

Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R

Brand New 2023’s Arriving Soon! These are the Ultimate Terrain Tacklers! The amount of real world tech in these side x sides is simply astonishing.

Yamaha’s technological advantages are found in every Wolverine: plush adjustable suspension, driver-centric On-Command® 4WD and an ultra-reliable Ultramatic® CVT drive system.
The comfort is unparallel with its high-backed seats with improved adjustability combine with updated pedal positions to to create a more comfortable cockpit for drivers of various sizes, while compact shoulder bolsters, easily adjustable seatbelts and padded knee areas create a more comfortable perch for both driver and passenger.
Yamaha’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides the industry’s best balance of steering assist and positive feedback with light steering and speed-sensitive response for minimized fatigue.

The potent 999cc unit will deliver more than enough power for your tour around Mines and Meadows!

Four Seat Option

Wolverine RMAX4 1000 R-Spec

The Wolverine RMAX4 1000 R-Spec offers comfortable, secure seating for four full-sized adults with comfortable handholds and six-position seat belts for each seat. The second row is raised for excellent visibility, so everyone gets a great view of their surroundings.
The R-Spec wraps next-level capability in imposing style, highlighted by an aggressive front end look, rugged tires and a purposeful stance. The stealthy front LED headlights and “evil eye” marker lights give this new generation a distinctive look on the trail.
Its potent 999cc DOHC eight-valve parallel-twin engine delivers class-leading power and smooth performance.
The advanced heavy-duty suspension is designed to provide maximum articulation in low speed situations, a balanced feel when trail riding and maximum bo􀆩oming resistance at higher speeds. The wide-arc A-arms paired with the FOX® 2.0 QS3 shocks deliver 14.2-inches of travel up front and 13.3-inches of travel in the rear. Basically this thing screams 4 person FUN!
Onewheel is a self-balancing single wheel electric board-sport. The single wheel contains a brushless electric motor that spins to propel riders forwards or backwards making constant small adjustments to keep riders balanced.
To use the board, riders place their feet on either side of the wheel. A rider’s front foot goes on top of a pressure-sensitive pad that detects when a rider is on the board; there is also a back footpad. To direct the board, riders lean slightly in the direction they want to travel. To stop, riders lift their heel off the side of the front footpad.
Xplore Rentals makes it simple to try one out for a day, a weekend or even a whole week, but it does take some time to learn how to shred, and eventually hitting up some off-road trails. Take the board home and use, or these boards are great for everyone to try while hanging out in our campground.